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Recurrent Pre-Term Labor and Delivery

If you have experienced preterm labor/delivery in a prior pregnancy, then you are at increased risk for the same in subsequent pregnancies. Your level of risk may be determined by the gestational age at which your prior preterm birth occurred, the number of prior preterm births you have experienced, and other associated factors. The doctors at RPG will take a detailed history of your prior obstetrical problems and perform ultrasound exam of your cervix. Using this comprehensive method will allow them to determine the best course of action for trying to prevent preterm birth in your current pregnancy.

Some options that the doctors at RPG may discuss are: 

  • 17-OH progesterone injections 
  • Cervical cerclage 
  • Serial cervical length measurement 
  • Bedrest 
  • Tocolytic therapy

Not all treatments are appropriate for all patients, so a consultation with the doctors at RPG is necessary to determine which one(s) are best for you.